“Hello Goodbye”


Pursuing one’s dream….setting out on one’s own… carries the bittersweet weight of leaving.  I left Columbus at 8:30 this morning, heading West, after an inspiring visit with friends, Jesse and Michael. It took a good two hours before the heavy gray clouds burned off my heart.  This is the way it always is…that transition from the known, the warm love, the familiar dailiness of friends and family…to the open road ahead.

I spent the first two hours of today’s drive remembering the fun I had in Columbus and the boost of energy and confidence  received from the two other people on the planet who know first hand what this gypsy life is like.  But by the time I passed under the “Leaving Ohio” sign, I pictured the mauve and orange canyons, the cobalt blue endless horizon, and the barren arroyos of New Mexico.  With every mile closer to my destination, my heart beat at a wilder pace.

This is the way leaving will always feels for me….a few hours of transitioning that allows my current environment to situate itself firmly in my bones….and my vision of the future, of my next life experience to begin manifesting before me.  My highlight of the day was passing through St Louis, watching as the arch grew huge before me and then receded in my rear view.  And the minute we were out of St Louis, hills arose from the flatlands…outcroppings of rock appeared…the sky began to widen into panoramic view…..and the Mississippi was behind me….for the time in a year and a half!!!!

Maybe the Hawaiians are correct:  Maybe Hello and Goodbye mean the same thing!!

Til Tomorrow!!!


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