When the Mouse is in Charge

j and m

It’s been plaguing me for months.  Moving chaotically across my computer screen. Jumping backwards on my documents.  Creating gibberish out of my descriptive language.  Hopping from one document to another. Erasing written moments of genius (!) as it treads maliciously on its tiny feet.

As many of you are aware (if not, see Blog Entry #1), I have serious Mouse Issues! This time, the mouse is without fur and toenails!  For quite some time now my mouse issue has been compounded by the lurching cursor controlled by my remote mouse…a mouse with a mind of its own!!  Fresh batteries, a brand new mouse, working with the computer device setups, and many other tactics, have changed nothing!!

I’ve lost text…paragraphs and pages!  I’ve lost ideas and dialogue, never to be retrieved!  So, in order to control the cursor, I discovered that if I held my portable mouse with my left hand, and type with my right hand, then I am able to proceed with my memoir.  But the awkward  process of working this way has made the writing process much more frustrating than fun.

Can it be done?  Of course.  Would it make a great story when I go out on book tours with the published book?  Sure.  Is the cost of an amusing tale worth the mind numbing insanity of attempting to control MICE and CURSORS??? Luckily for me, the answer is NO!!!  Oh, and did I mention that the screen on my Dell laptop went black last year, with no replacement lights available, so that in order to use the laptop, I need to hook it up to an external monitor!

The first stop on my latest journey, led me to Ohio, spending time with lifelong friends Jesse and  Michael..in their traveling home…Odessa! During my stay, they gifted me with a small Gateway laptop that I can take anywhere to continue to work on and finish my memoir by my March deadline.

Turns out it wasn’t the chocolate covered marizipan cake or the spicy Indian lentil curry that were the highlights of this stop, instead it was the 9.5 x 12 in. technological gadget that has transformed my writing life and my story.  Grateful for wonderful friends, who will be featured in a future Blog Post on YESRISKJOY.  No More Excuses!!!!!


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