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Three new on line classes beginning the week of September 10, 2019.

**Classes run for SIX weeks

**Cost: $200.00 per 6 week class ….payable by personal check or Paypal

Class Descriptions below! 


#1     Tuesday Evening Fiction and Memoir   

The Art of Telling Stories

This group is open to writers of all levels who are interested in learning about or refreshing their memory regarding the elements of successful writing. Each week will offer mini lessons on the craft of  storytelling: voice, pacing, structure, setting, character, theme, and more! One mini lesson will be provided each week with examples, writing prompts and two half hour writing sessions. We will end each group with a check in and artistic intentions for the following week. Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm (Eastern) September 10 through October 15, 2019


#2    Wednesday Evening Generative Writing 


This group is open to all writers of any level and any genre. I will give a mini craft lecture, followed by prompts. Students will have 60 minutes of open writing time. Then we will come together to share writing, check in, and set artistic intentions for the following week. This is the perfect group to keep you engaged and writing during the Fall!!  Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm (Eastern) September 11 through October 16 2019

#3         Thursday Evening Personal Essay Class


This class will focus on the important elements of writing effective personal essays. Writers of any level are invited to join the class to learn about or renew their interest in personal essay writing. We will discuss essential issues such as setting, structure/format, voice, and other issues. Students will be asked to read one essay(I will provide)  in advance of each meeting. Classes will begin with a mini lesson on one craft element based on the assigned reading. Writing prompts will be offered and students will have a full 60 minutes of writing time. Students will be invited to share their writing and we will conclude each class with creative intentions for the coming week. Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm(Eastern) September 6 through October 17, 2019


IN ADDITION, All groups include:

***one weekly 15 minute “one on one” session with me

***one 30 minute “one on one” short manuscript critique with me 

Additional “one on one” critiques are available beginning at $30.00 per 2 pages of poetry or 4 pages of prose.  

Payment is due in full before classes begin, by Paypal or personal check. 

If you would like to register for one of the classes, receive more information, or to speak with me personally, please email me at and I will respond promptly. Please use: Workshop Info in your subject line. Thank you! I look forward to speaking and working with you!!!



Workshop Leader

Storyteller paintings of gratitude

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Storyteller’s Cottage     Simsbury, CT


“The Sisters” Ex voto Painting 18″ × 24″ Acrylic with text


Have you survived an accident, an illness, an injury, a severe weather event, a near drowning, or another type of potential catastrophe? Did some one or some thing or some power intervene to rescue you?

Votive paintings, also known as ex-votos, honor a situation in which a miracle seems to have occurred.

These paintings, which come from a long history in Europe and Mexico, pay homage to a tragedy averted. A person would hire an apprentice artist to create the ex-voto for the family. The resulting paintings were usually crude and simplistic, very childlike in nature.

Traditionally, the votive paintings contained three elements:

*the scene that illustrates the near tragedy

*a depiction of the saint or power that intervened in the situation

*text that describes the miracle that occurred.

Through a series of guided writing exercises, students will brainstorm a list of possible scenarios/events for which they are thankful, and/or a list of tragedies averted. It is surprising how many such events have taken places in our lives! Then, focusing on one such event, students will paint their scenes and add narrative description, which can be conveyed as story or poem or fragments.

Often, through this collaborative process of writing and drawing, students find themselves with a deeper understanding and appreciation of significant life events.

COST: $60 for a 4 hour class

 (includes all materials: canvas, paper, wood or tin for the paintings; acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, and charcoal for mediums; pen and paper for writing; archival pens for text presentation on final format)


Featured Reader

Straw Dog Writers Guild

Northampton, MA  June 5, 2018


Panelist and Reader

“The Poetry of Predation: Women Poets On Writing the Poetry Of Misogyny, Abuse, and Violence”

Massachusetts Poetry Festival   Salem, MA

Saturday May 5, 2018

Three women poets discuss and read from their own work centering around abuse, violence against women and girls, inherited trauma and survival. The poets use a combination of myth, fairy tale, pop culture and personal history as metaphor and through which to view an ages’ old cultural disease. Panelists will read from their work and discuss the ways in which misogyny, abuse, and violence against women and girls manifests in their poetry. They will touch on how they approach personal subject matter, how they navigate the terrain of secret and taboo, especially when telling stories not exclusively their own, what it means to inherit trauma and a lineage of abuse, and how claiming a poetic voice with which to tell these stories, whether personal or ancestral, shatters the traditional role of secret keeper.




Panelist and Reader

“Getting Into Trouble and Getting Out of It: Writing A Book Length Memoir”

Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

Great Barrington, MA

March 2016





“Ex-Voto and Gratitude Paintings”

Private Party

Santa Fe, NM

December 2015



One woman art exhibit.  Featuring paintings, collage, assemblage, sculpture and audio/video

Ex-voto Painting Workshop

Gallery talk with Artist

Sean Christopher Gallery OH

Short North

Columbus, OH

July and August 2015


joyce e


Artist in Residence

Searsport Shores

Searsport, Maine

Taught daily art classes, lecture/discussion

July 2014





Two woman art exhibit


The Body Shop

Easthampton, MA

June 2014


Reader and Panelist

“Reclaiming and Revising the Body: Poetry and Illness”

Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Salem, MA

May 2014




Workshop Facilitator

“Reaching Beyond: How Ekphrastic Poetry Connects us to the Larger World”

Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Salem, MA

May 2014




“Ex-voto and Gratitude Paintings”

Private Party

Shutesbury, MA

April 2014


Reader and art exhibitor

“Winter Reading”

Writers in Progress

Florence, MA

February 2014