“I was so fortunate to have the wise counsel, discerning eye, and unparalleled writing skills of Joyce Hayden while working on my Epic Poem, “Call and Response” for my first TEDtalk.  Before she worked with me, I had a lot of text and was overwhelmed with ideas.  Overall, the piece needed to be made more concise and laser sharp to make specific points and create the atmosphere I desired within the 18 minute time limit of the performance.  Joyce has a remarkable ability to get to the heart of a piece and really make it sing.”

– Jesse Chandler, Ukulele Cowboy Society, Performer/writer

“I approached Joyce to work with me on the written element of my still-in-progress mixed media poetry project “Artifacts,” and I am so glad she agreed! She asked smart questions to ensure she understood my intention for the project and helped me determine the structure of the piece as well as to identify gaps in the narrative arc. Her enthusiasm and kind, constructive criticism gave me confidence to move forward with the project. I highly recommend working with her.”

– Beverly Army Williams, Co-Editor of Mothershould?, Writer and Teacher