On-line Publications

Seven attempts: What it takes to leave an abuser

“The Gatekeeper I Couldn’t Leave: Why an Educated Woman Stays”  The Manifest Station

“Miscarriage” with artwork, MotherShould?

“Cardinal Rules: The Necessity of the Body” The Dandelion Review Issue 2  CARDINAL RULES: NECESSITY OF THE BODY

“Behind Your Back,” “Cloven in Twain,” and “Feels Like Stone, Looks Like Rope, Call It Grief”  Rappahonock Review

“Maybe Lies Could Save Me”  The Dandelion Review Issue 1 MAYBE LIES COULD SAVE ME

Beyond Fight or Flight: When You’re Not the Textbook Version of PTSD, Maximum Middle Age

Reclaiming Los Angeles,” Angels Flight * Literary West

Who Decides”  with artwork, MotherShould

The Alpha and Omega of The Out of Body Girl,” Dear Hope

Night with a Handful of Streetlight,” rappahonockreview

Print Publications:

Alden Street Review:    “Returning the Effects of the Dead”

“When You Called”

“What Salt Preserves”

Cedar Hill Review:    “April 28, 1999”

Cimarron Review:     “Letter to Hades”

“Of Deer and Girls”

Corresponding Voices:    “Shadow”

“The Well”

“La Disperazione”

“From Trequanda”

“Agamemnon to Joyce”




Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts:   “Rosary with Dry Flies”

Earth’s Daughters:     “Behind Your Back”

 Five Minute Pieces:     “Speeding”

Greenfield Recorder:     “Fourth Of July, 1971”

Korone, Women’s Voices:     “How to Escape”

Peregrine:     “Miscarriage”

Sanctuary:     “On the Connecticut”

We’Moon:     “Ways of Seeing”