On-line Publications

“Behind Your Back,” “Cloven in Twain,” and “Feels Like Stone, Looks Like Rope, Call It Grief”  Rappahonock Review

Beyond Fight or Flight: When You’re Not the Textbook Version of PTSD, Maximum Middle Age

Reclaiming Los Angeles,” Angels Flight * Literary West

Who Decides”  with artwork, MotherShould

The Alpha and Omega of The Out of Body Girl,” Dear Hope

Night with a Handful of Streetlight,” rappahonockreview

Print Publications:

Alden Street Review:    “Returning the Effects of the Dead”

“When You Called”

“What Salt Preserves”

Cedar Hill Review:    “April 28, 1999”

Cimarron Review:     “Letter to Hades”

“Of Deer and Girls”

Corresponding Voices:    “Shadow”

“The Well”

“La Disperazione”

“From Trequanda”

“Agamemnon to Joyce”




Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts:   “Rosary with Dry Flies”

Earth’s Daughters:     “Behind Your Back”

 Five Minute Pieces:     “Speeding”

Greenfield Recorder:     “Fourth Of July, 1971”

Korone, Women’s Voices:     “How to Escape”

Peregrine:     “Miscarriage”

Sanctuary:     “On the Connecticut”

We’Moon:     “Ways of Seeing”