Celebration Shrines


A great way to celebrate and honor a loved one or pet is with a celebration shrine.  I’ve been creating these for myself and others for many years.  Using pictures, antidotes, text, and objects, each shrine has a unique feeling and presentation.  The shrine pictured above was a commission for a friend after her dog, Diggy, died.  I copied pictures and text off my friend’s facebook page.  In addition, she had given me some of Diggy’s belongings which I inserted into the shrine, such as a piece of Diggy’s cloth collar, her dog tags, and pieces of toys.  The shrine is ready for hanging.



This project is a “Sister Shrine”.  I’ve altered an old cigar box with pictures and found objects that tell the story of my childhood with my sister.


The inside of the box reveals more objects that convey memories of shared experience, such as our first communions, the day we held a seance for our departed brother, and a doll’s head to signify the one we lost down a hole in our bedroom wall.

The shrines come in many shapes and sizes and are priced accordingly. In addition to the shrine projects, I also create Honorariums, art pieces that offer hommage to a favorite writer, musician, or other person in your life.


This 18″ x 24″ assemblage honors the life and work of Frida Kahlo.

The one below is an honorarium to Georgia O’Keeffe.


Please contact me for more information.  (See contact page).


Triptych Celebration Shrines:  $200.00

Smaller Celebration Shrines: range from $50.00 to $100.00

Cigar Box Shrines:  $150.00

Honorarium Collage and Assemblage pieces:

18″ x 24″:  $300.00

16″x 20″:   $200.00

11″ x 14″:    $100.00

8″ x 10″       $ 75.00

Prices do not include shipping.

More samples:


shrine-1  shrine-4



honorarium-8                     honorarium-10

Billie Holliday                                                        Joan of Arc

honorarium-5               honorarium-1

Ophelia                                                                             Melville