The Questa Phase



Questa, NM:  a dream come true.  Saturday I moved into a guesthouse (located behind that big red barn!) that I have visualized for 3 months. My goal in finding a small house to rent in NM is to finish my memoir, The Out of Body Girl, which takes place in Espanola, Taos, and Santa Fe, in time to pitch it at The AWP conference in Los Angeles in late March.

Through a friend of a friend I was lucky enough to be connected to this wonderful secluded spot with white buffalo and a black horse on the property.

Today was to be my first full writing day, to begin the second phase of revision.  However , I found myself walking around the 3 room house in a gratitude daze, settling in, setting up altars, gazing out windows and feeding 2 feral cats.

As of tomorrow I plan to begin a daily writing regimen in order to complete this project on time.  Please join me on this journey… Where I will share the joys, frustrations, and insights of completing my book.  Please subscribe if you haven’t yet… And follow me through the dirt roads and mountain shadows of Questa, as I report every day or two on what it takes to finish a book!!!


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